Arsenal To Finish Seventh, Liverpool Fourth! Ultimate 2014-fifteen Leading League Table Dependent On 260 Expert Predictions

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Arsene Wenger Brendan RodgersArsenal tipped to skip out on Champions League qualification, with Burnley staying away from relegation on the final day of the period!

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A grand overall of one hundred twenty Premier League video games have been played so much in the 2014-15 Leading League.

Leaders Chelsea are seeking fairly unstoppable in their quest to be champions.

Even so, the relegation battle and the race for the best four are nevertheless damn near extremely hard to forecast.

Unattainable for us, but not for betting skilled and guidelines expert James Yellen.

Utilizing his secret formulation, Mr Yellen has kindly predicted the scores of this season’s remaining 260 matches.

Verify out his predictions proper listed here and then turn to web page ten to look at the closing desk, which, in all honesty, blew our minds!

7 days thirteen

West Brom 1-3 Arsenal

Burnley – Aston Villa

Male United three- Hull

Liverpool 2-one Stoke

QPR one- Leicester

Swansea 3- Crystal Palace

West Ham one-one Newcastle

Sunderland -three Chelsea

Southampton two-three Male Town

Spurs two-1 Everton

7 days 14

Burnley 1-one Newcastle

Leicester one-3 Liverpool

Male United 3- Stoke

Swansea three-one QPR

Crystal Palace 2- Aston Villa

West Brom one- West Ham

Arsenal 1-1 Southampton

Chelsea 4-one Spurs

Everton 2- Hull

Sunderland -two Man City

Week 15

Newcastle 1-2 Chelsea

Hull – West Brom

Liverpool three- Sunderland

QPR one-one Burnley

Stoke 2-1 Arsenal

Spurs 2- Crystal Palace

Man Metropolis 1-1 Everton

West Ham 2-1 Swansea

Aston Villa 1-one Leicester

Southampton two-1 Gentleman United

7 days sixteen

Burnley one-1 Southampton

Crystal Palace two-two Stoke Metropolis

Chelsea three- Hull

Leicester -three Guy City

Sunderland two-1 West Ham

West Brom -one Aston Villa

Arsenal one- Newcastle

Man United 3-two Liverpool

Swansea 2-2 Spurs

Everton three-one QPR

7 days seventeen

Man Town two- Crystal Palace

Hull 1-one Swansea

Aston Villa 1-3 Gentleman United

QPR 1-1 West Brom

Southampton 2-two Everton

Spurs 4-one Burnley

West Ham two- Leicester

Newcastle -2 Sunderland

Liverpool 1-3 Arsenal

Stoke one-2 Chelsea

Week eighteen

Chelsea two- West Ham

Burnley -3 Liverpool

Crystal Palace one-one Southampton

Man United three-two Newcastle

Everton 2- Stoke

Leicester -2 Spurs

Sunderland two-two Hull

Swansea four- Aston Villa

West Brom 1-four Male City

Arsenal 5- QPR

7 days 19

Spurs one-3 Gentleman United

Southampton one-2 Chelsea

Aston Villa 2- Sunderland

Hull 1- Leicester

Man Town four- Burnley

QPR 3-2 Crystal Palace

Stoke 1-two West Brom

West Ham two-one Arsenal

Newcastle -1 Everton

Liverpool 2- Swansea

Week 20

Stoke 2-2 Gentleman United

Aston Villa one- Crystal Palace

Liverpool four-one Leicester

Hull 2-2 Everton

Guy Town three- Sunderland

Newcastle two-2 Burnley

Southampton 2-one Arsenal

QPR 2-1 Swansea

West Ham – West Brom

Spurs one-1 Chelsea

Week 21

Sunderland 1- Liverpool

Chelsea one-one Newcastle

Burnley two-1 QPR

Everton one-1 Male Town

Leicester 2- Aston Villa

Swansea 3-one West Ham

West Brom – Hull

Crystal Palace one- Spurs

Arsenal two- Stoke

Man United 2-two Southampton

Week 22

Aston Villa 1-two Liverpool

Burnley one-1 Crystal Palace

Leicester one-2 Stoke

QPR 2-four Male United

Swansea 2-1 Chelsea

Spurs 3- Sunderland

Newcastle three-three Southampton

West Ham 1-1 Hull

Guy City 3-2 Arsenal

Everton 2-one West Brom

Week 23

Hull two-1 Newcastle

Crystal Palace 2-two Everton

Male United 2- Leicester

Liverpool three-1 West Ham

Stoke two-1 QPR

Sunderland one-1 Burnley

West Brom one-three Spurs

Chelsea – Gentleman Metropolis

Arsenal two- Villa

Southampton 1-1 Swansea

7 days 24

Aston Villa one-one Chelsea

Burnley two- West Brom

Leicester – Crystal Palace

Everton two-2 Liverpool

Guy City three-one Hull

Newcastle 3- Stoke

QPR 2- Southampton

Swansea 1-1 Sunderland

West Ham 2-three Male United

Spurs 2-one Arsenal

Week twenty five

Liverpool three-one Spurs

West Brom one-two Swansea

Arsenal four-1 Leicester

Hull 2- Aston Villa

Southampton 2-2 West Ham

Gentleman United 5- Burnley

Sunderland 3-1 QPR

Crystal Palace – Newcastle

Chelsea two-1 Everton

Stoke 1-one Gentleman City

7 days 26

Chelsea 3- Burnley

Aston Villa 2-1 Stoke

Crystal Palace 2-2 Arsenal

Hull 1-two QPR

Everton 2- Leicester

Guy Town 3-1 Newcastle

Southampton 2-2 Liverpool

Sunderland two- West Brom

Swansea two-one Gentleman United

Spurs one-1 West Ham

7 days 27

Arsenal one-1 Everton

Burnley -three Swansea

Leicester 1-four Chelsea

Liverpool -2 Man Metropolis

Man United 3-1 Sunderland

Newcastle two-1 Aston Villa

QPR 2-four Spurs

West Brom two-two Southampton

Stoke three-1 Hull

West Ham – Crystal Palace

Week 28

Aston Villa – West Brom

Liverpool two- Burnley

Southampton two-1 Crystal Palace

QPR two-two Arsenal

West Ham one-3 Chelsea

Hull – Sunderland

Man Town five-1 Leicester

Stoke 1-3 Everton

Newcastle two-two Guy United

Spurs two- Swansea

Week 29

Arsenal four-one West Ham

Burnley one-3 Man City

Chelsea four-2 Southampton

Everton two-one Newcastle

Crystal Palace 1-two QPR

Leicester one-1 Hull

Male United three-two Spurs

Sunderland two- Villa

Swansea one-3 Liverpool

West Brom – Stoke

Week thirty

Aston Villa 3-1 Swansea

Hull -3 Chelsea

Man City four- West Brom

Liverpool 2-2 Man United

Newcastle two-one Arsenal

QPR 1-two Everton

Southampton two- Burnley

Stoke – Crystal Palace

Spurs four-2 Leicester

West Ham 2-two Sunderland

7 days 31

Arsenal two- Liverpool

Burnley -two Spurs

Chelsea one- Stoke

Crystal Palace one-3 Gentleman Metropolis

Leicester 1-1 West Ham

Everton two-2 Southampton

Guy United 2-one Aston Villa

Sunderland one-one Newcastle

West Brom one-two QPR

Swansea 2- Hull

7 days 32

Liverpool three-two Newcastle

Burnley one-one Arsenal

QPR one-1 Chelsea

Gentleman United three-two Man City

Southampton one- Hull

Sunderland one-two Crystal Palace

Spurs 1- Aston Villa

Swansea – Everton

West Brom two- Leicester

West Ham two- Stoke

Week 33

Arsenal 3- Sunderland

Aston Villa -1 QPR

Chelsea two-one Man United

Everton two- Burnley

Leicester -one Swansea

Hull 1-two Liverpool

Newcastle three-1 Spurs

Guy Metropolis two-one West Ham

Stoke one- Southampton

Crystal Palace 1-1 West Brom

7 days 34

Arsenal 2-two Chelsea

Crystal Palace 2-one Hull

Burnley two- Leicester

Gentleman Town three-1 Aston Villa

Everton 2-1 Male United

QPR 1-2 West Ham

Newcastle 2- Swansea

Stoke 1- Sunderland

Southampton 3-1 Spurs

West Brom -two Liverpool

Week 35

Aston Villa one-1 Everton

Hull -2 Arsenal

Chelsea five- Crystal Palace

Leicester two- Newcastle

Liverpool three-one QPR

Gentleman United 4- West Brom

Sunderland one-2 Southampton

Swansea two-1 Stoke

Spurs 2-4 Man Town

West Ham 3-one Burnley

Week 36

Arsenal two-1 Swansea

Crystal Palace 1-three Gentleman United

Aston Villa – West Ham

Chelsea – Liverpool

Everton two- Sunderland

Hull one- Burnley

Leicester one-two Southampton

Gentleman Town three-1 QPR

Newcastle 1- West Brom

Stoke two-2 Spurs

Week 37

Burnley two- Stoke

Liverpool two- Crystal Palace

QPR -1 Newcastle

Guy United 2-one Arsenal

Southampton 2- Aston Villa

Sunderland one-1 Leicester

Swansea one-1 Guy City

Spurs 2- Hull

West Brom 1-three Chelsea

West Ham two-1 Everton

7 days 38

Aston Villa 1-2 Burnley

Arsenal 3- West Brom

Crystal Palace 1-two Swansea

Chelsea 4- Sunderland

Everton 2- Spurs

Leicester two-1 QPR

Gentleman Town two- Southampton

Stoke one-1 Liverpool

Newcastle two- West Ham

Hull 2-two Guy United

James Yellen's predicted Premier League table