Was previous Chelsea and Arsenal guy an unlikely hero from a hot pet wielding maniac?!

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In probably one of the strangest stories in football, Ashley Cole appears to have been the not likely hero as he came to the rescue of an harmless bystander at a Brighton coffeeshop, soon after intimidation from a very hot canine wielding maniac.

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According to Phil Lucas&#8217 Vacation Advisor assessment of Verano Lounge in Brighton, during his time at the cafe, he was accosted by an &#8216ungodly&#8217 hunting gentleman with a hot canine bun just before the Roma still left-back stepped in.

Ashley Cole allegedly stepped out of his Selection Rover, to inform the guy to go away Lucas by yourself before beating a hasty retreat and a wave to the gentleman he had served.

The former Chelsea and Arsenal man isn&#8217t identified for his functions of kindness and was considerably maligned throughout a interval of his time enjoying in England.

The assessment reads: &#8220A month in the past I was sitting down outdoors The Verano Lounge and an ungodly seeking gentleman appeared from a nearby doorway and began to wave a very hot puppy (no bun) in my encounter.&#8221

&#8220All the time he was shouting, &#8216You like the meat, don&#8217t you? You like the meat.&#8217 I tried out to ignore him, but he kept undertaking it.&#8221

&#8220Just then a black Range Rover pulled up and out acquired Ashley Cole.

&#8220He could see the problem I was getting, so he rushed in excess of to the ungodly male and instructed him in no uncertain phrases to just take his filthy sizzling dog out of my encounter. The guy (now frightened) duly did.

&#8220I thanked Mr Cole for his help but he just mentioned, &#8216Don&#8217t worry about it, I hate that form of factor.&#8217 He then acquired in his Assortment Rover, gave me a wave and drove off. What a good male.&#8221

Regrettably for all philanthropists however, it seems the review is not actual and only a fabrication, soon after the creator tweeted a disclaimer.